A Creative Translation of a Complete Yoga in a few words, or a Poem on the 6 Yogas of Naropa

image of Naropa

The 6 Yogas of Naropa is an older view of alchemy and its teaching. It describes also the system of lineage transmission and the 3 stages of magical or internal alchemical work:

  1. Student — Inner Fire (HEAT) & Illusory body

The tradition of Lineage Transmission can be compared to the idea of training with a master craftsman, artist, professor or teacher of any art. It is quite common for the curious to be referred to someone with years of experience in the practice of that field or curiosity. Systematic inquiry and knowledge serve as the foundation for a practitioner to learn a craft or tradition such that it becomes possible to move about flexibly in the real world of teaching and working in their field.

These were inspired by poems ascribed to Naropa, Tilopa and to the teachings of other teachers of yoga and philosophy as Lawapa and Nagarjuna. These are not meant to be the only way someone ever hears of the 6 Yogas of Naropa but it would perhaps be nice to put such strange items of scholarly, alchemical mnemonic poetry into as clear english as could be had. It is quite difficult to translate many terms of spiritual or esoteric science from other cultures without losing some of the essence. Then again, all things lose essence the more they become real, so it isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Inspiration was taken from the ideas of Mirandola, the writings of Israel Regardie, Julius Evola, Chogyam Trungpa, Tsong Kha Pa, Josephine McCarthy, Damo Mitchell, R.J. Stewart, Victor Anderson and many others.

Pass Within

  1. Awaken the Divine Within To the Cosmic Source. — INNER FIRE

Greater Yoga of Stars and Earth

4. Such that when an Elder transmits a Teaching, you may retain more of its essence — DREAM YOGA

5. and in illness or retreat you may learn to sustain a fuller expression of its essence in transmission. BARDO

6. For the Teaching must be understood and woven in the purity of its expression, such that you may transmit and teach to others that which a purer Cosmic Source Connection may uphold and continue to live in. TRANSFER TO PURE BUDDHAFIELD



designer, researcher, philosopher, psychonaut and friendly to forgotten things…

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Jo Flinders

designer, researcher, philosopher, psychonaut and friendly to forgotten things…